"Hai la joc, la joc, la joc!
Să ne fie cu noroc!"
("Come to dance,
to shout, to play!
For good luck to us all today!")
(traditional dance shout)


Around the fire

Humanity, community, music, dance and human speech, all were born around the fireplace.
When a fireplace is lit, people gather around in a circle.
Celebration and play, too, were born around the fire, and mirror its energy.

The time has come to gather around it, in order to become whole again,
As individuals and as communities.
Back to the school of the fireplace, the school of celebration.
A project aiming a creation of a more humane future,
Learning from our ancestors:
Casa Jocului –
The House of the Playful Spirit

Ceremonia de deschidere @ Waha Festival 2017

Our mission

The House of te Playful Spirit project arises from an attempt to build an independent center dedicated to community arts, from the contributions of the extended community that has grown around Cercul Întreg (The Full Circle), from 2009 until today.

It is an attempt to envision and build a space that will serve, in the post-pandemic world, for reconnecting at the inner and community level, at the spiritual and material level.

A reimagining attempt of what was once the gathering for play and dance in many communities in Romania, with the potential to serve as an international example.

It is the attempt to practically demonstrate what the power of the community means, and how it can bring a healing contribution to the world we’re living in.

A project open for everyone who resonates with a vision in which we can build a more lasting and more humane future by learning from the wisdom of our ancestors.

We invite you to discover our vision on this website, and if it resonates with you, come and join us, to make it real.

"A dream you dream alone, is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality"

John Lennon