A "different", permanent school

From 2008 until now, Cercul Întreg (The Full Circle) is dedicated to alternative and complementary education, through corporality, music, craft, connection to the roots and ancestral wisdom. We invite you to discover the wide range of activities that you might enjoy in the House of the Playful Spirit:
House of the Playful Spirit, illustration by Ioana Ciurea

Embodied education

Education through corporality – capoeira, dances, yoga and various developmental games, are the cornerstone of the teaching process of Cercul Întreg. For these activities, Casa Jocului itself will be available, along with a generous outdoor area for motor development. A large climbing area is also in plan, as well as an area with wooden poles, both used for developing and refining balance. A natural beach alongside the stream in our garden will be the place for all these outdoor activities.

(A)Live Music

Music for us means so much more than just fun or performance. It is the perfect model for free human interaction, guided by the principles of harmony, collaboration and complementarity. Thus music, starting from percussion, through melody towards harmony, creates a framework in which we can learn the foundations of a full human existence.


Since 2008, Cercul Întreg has invited masters from all over the world and from different areas of community arts to hold masterclasses. Over time, we’ve had guest teachers from Romania, Brazil, Togo, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Italy, Germany, and Martinique. Casa Jocului will become a way to continue and amplify this tradition, a truly international place, an open window to the community arts, and a school of excellence.

"La Origini" Tecşeşti - Creation Camp (2015)

The art of storytelling

Gathering around the fire with stories is one of the essential arts, practiced by humanity for thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of years, which has been lost in the last century.

In Casa Jocului we want to bring the storytellers back to the center of the community, by the fire, accompanied by live music.

Jamsessions for dance

We wish our dance and play evenings to become lively spaces,  with deep, always surprising encounters. The key elements for such encounters are the respect for diversity, and the fusion of diversity in a unitary experience through music, dance and word. These may sound like great words, but anyone who has ever attended one of our drift-jamsessions in the last 10 years knows exactly what this is about: a magical space where true stories take place.


Casa Jocului will host, among others, the
iiinstruments, luthier’s workshop, started by Bogdan Octav Rakolcza in 2012. In addition to the artisanal production of friendly musical instruments, the iiinstruments workshop and Casa Jocului will also host introductions to traditional crafts: instrument making, bioconstruction, wickerwork, bread-making, and gardening according to the principles of permaculture will be provided as part of the activities.