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If you want to make a direct donation (via credit/debit card) follow the above link. 

Below you will find more infos about possible contributions. 

Spread the word

The most important part of the “Casa Jocului” project (House of the Playful Spirit) is the network of people that will be created, people with different capacities and possibilities. So we invite you to share this project with the people who you think will resonate with this vision.

We think that if anybody that is touched by our proposal can think of 9 persons that might donate to this cause, we will reach our goal in a short time. 

Maybe you know a businessman who would like to support, maybe you know a TV or radio moderator who would be excited about the project, and so on.

So be part of the multiplication network of this vision. You can share a post on Facebook or Instagram. You can send some emails.

The important thing is to bring the project idea to the right ears, not necessarily to large numbers of people. Listen to your intuition.

Financial support

We estimate a total budget of about 70,000 euro for this project, over two years.

We want this budget to consist of direct donations, 5-year private loans, and some funding projects for NGOs.

We prefer to avoid business financing projects, because this project is not a business that seeks a personal profit, but a vision of a community that can be supported by people who resonate with our goals, and who desire, through their contribution, to create a meeting space where they can feel welcomed and valued. If you have the opportunity to financially support this project, please consider the following principles:

1. Invest only if you find yourself in this vision, and if you feel that you want to use to some extent the infrastructure we create (whether you want to come to parties, to classes, to have a place where you can you bring the children to classes, or you want to come and recharge within the atmosphere of Cercul Intreg – The Full Circle).

2. Invest as much as you can give with joy and generosity. We have different possibilities and different needs. Respect your limits but also cultivate your ability to give.


You can donate through the crowdfunding campaign or to the following accounts:

“Asociaţia Arta Capoeira”
IBAN: RO63BTRLRONCRT00U2873902 (Romanian lei account)
IBAN: RO48BTRLEURCRT00U2873902 (Euro account)

PayPal: bogdan@cerculintreg.ro

If you want to contact us about a direct donation, you can contact us by email or phone, +40 757 559274

5-year loans

With the project once completed, we want to host European and transcontinental cultural projects, through the networks of cultural operators of which we are part. Our partners are from Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Senegal and Togo. Some of these projects, especially EU-funded cultural projects, cover the costs of renting the space as soon as it is operational (2022/23), funds from which we will be able to repay the loans received.

If you want to support the realization of the project with a loan, please contact us for the realization of a notarized loan agreement with our association.

Sponsorships / Partnerships (companies)

If you have a company or work in a company that could offer either a sponsorship or a partnership, please contact us to discuss details. We want to offer in exchange the organization of teambuildings or celebrations, at an external location until 2022, and from 2023 right in the Casa Jocului (House the Playful Spirit), around the fire.


The project will need many helping hands and feet during the construction period, given that many of the processes we will work with will include labor (working with clay, strawbales, wood, cooking, etc.). If you want to volunteer for this project, please send us an email with the subject “Volunteering at Casa Jocului” at contact@casajocului.ro giving us your name, age, areas in which you have experience and the period in which you would like to activate.

Progres total finanţare (din 70.000 euro)
din donaţii (din 25.000 euro propuşi)
Împrumuturi private (din 20.000 euro propuşi)
Finanţări nerambursabile (din 25.000 euro propuşi)
Cheltuit (din 70.000)

Fii parte din poveste

Dacă doreşti să intri în contact cu noi, sau vrei să te abonezi la newsletter-ul Casei Jocului, ne bucurăm să auzim de tine.