Our core team at Cercul Întreg (The Full Circle) is a community of alive and diverse people, gone through good and bad. In our years of activity what has brought us together times again is our shared love for music and playing together, and this love has managed countless times to overcome misunderstandings and tensions, and allow us to function as a whole, even in difficult times.

We invite you to get to know us on a part of the core team:

Bogdan Octav Rakolcza

The founder and main organizer of Cercul Întreg. Graduated as a communication designer and photographer in Nuremberg / Germany, he formed his vision of play and music in Brazil and through afrobrazilian culture. Passionate about the deeper philosophy of playing, as a way of integrating the individual into the community, and about differences and similarities between forms of play in different societies connected to the roots. Teacher of capoeira, music, rhythm, electronic music producer (809dao), and self-taught instrument builder.

Adrian Tudoran Cimpoeşu

Co-founder of the Cercul Întreg, he graduated in photo-video in the University of Fine Arts in Cluj Napoca. His journey into music started as a DJ (Electroclown / Văzduh) being one of the first DJs in Romania with a vast specialization in music with African origins (Africa / Caribbean / South America). Trained in capoeira and percussion alongside Bogdan in Brazil. Currently a music producer for independent theater, he is teaching music and capoeira for children. Unparalleled in expressivity in percussion.

Lucian Conţiu

Graduate in PR and Marketing at the University in Cluj Napoca, he was an active member of AISEC. Lucian discovered his love for percussion and music later in life, which allowed him to access it in a more conscient way. Trained in percussion at Cercul Întreg, he gives introductory classes in African percussion, works as a percussionist in different musical projects and initiated together with Irina Bardoczi the Ecstatic Dance movement in Cluj.

Roxana Niculescu

Roxana is the first capoeirista and percussionist trained at Cercul Întreg, in fact she was the first ever participant in the first ever class back in 2009. Dancer and explorer of therapeutic movement, she broadened her spectrum of interest and study towards Contact Improvisation and Feldenkrais. Vocalist with a great capacity for deep improvisation and witty lyrics made up on spot.

Irina Bardoczi

Having graduated in Law School, Irina joined Cercul Întreg in 2012 through the percussion classes. From there, she steadily expanded her spectrum of activities and interests, adding African dances, which he has been teaching since 2016, poetry, theatre, Ecstatic Dance and a current training in Integrative Psychotherapy. Founder of the Ecstatic Dance movement in Cluj Napoca, and personal coach. Wizard of words.

Diana Luiza Ionaşcu

Psychotherapist, African dance instructor and facilitator of self-knowledge and personal development activities through movement and dance. Enchanted by the richness of experiences and possibilities offered by dance and the inner movement of emotions in everyday life. Formed in percussion at Cercul Întreg, she developed a unique voicing especially of the Brazilian atabaque drums. She is a facilitator of self-knowledge and personal development through movement and African dance classes.

Magda Moldovan

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She approached Cercul Întreg in 2014, finding new ways of self-knowledge in the African percussion classes. Passionate about individual psychotherapy and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, she returns to musical experiences and instruments in order to connect with herself and others. The good soul of the team.

Ionuţ Cioflică

Graduated and active as an IT programmer. Trained in capoeira At Cercul Întreg, and one of the ever-present dancers wherever a groove is going on. In his free time he can be found on a bicycle, with cats and dogs around, with his family or building and improving his own passive energy house.